Darlington School - Wilcox Hall

Significant Damage To Slate

Size: 9,000 ft²
Roof: Synthetic Slate Shingle

Challenge: Wilcox hall had an 80 year old traditional style slate roof on a school dormitory. Over the years, significant damage had been done to the slate and many temporary repairs had been conducted.

Solution: RoofChek designed and managed installation of a new synthetic slate shingle roof that has the look of real slate and carries a 50 year warranty. The flashings were done primarily in copper and the overall system is expected to last for more than 70 years. Further, synthetic slate can take significantly more abuse than real slate and does not require special knowledge to repair should any repairs be needed over the life of the roof. This was all done at a cost of around 20% less than redoing the roof in natural slate.

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