Why RoofChek?
We Solve Roofing Problems

The professionals at RoofChek provide a broad scope of services to a diverse client base.

Each client has their own set of reasons for choosing RoofChek, some of which include:

  • As an independent representative of the property owner RoofChek guarantees that invited contractors will be bidding on a design that is in the best interest of the Property Owner.
  • Single source responsibility from design to final construction by RoofChek’s experienced roofing professionals ensures that all projects will be completed on time and on budget.
  • Complete co-ordination by RoofChek staff frees the property owner's staff to devote more time to other priority areas.
  • RoofChek’s tightly controlled specifications eliminates loopholes that can result in costly extras or substandard work.
  • RoofChek ensures compliance with all government and corporate safety requirements. RoofChek site inspection of all projects from the smallest to the largest provides a level of quality assurance unequaled in the industry.

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