Technology & Diagnostic Services 

RoofChek offers a full range of cutting-edge analytical tools that prolong the life of a building and allow the proper roofing decisions to be made.

Water infiltration is one of the most persistent and costly problems for roof systems. Roof leaks cause the loss of insulating properties, structural deterioration and interior damage.

Moisture surveys can determine when moisture is present in the building envelope and roof system.

Moisture analysis gives the building owner many more options and can save an owner significant cost by allowing the owner to repair the damaged areas rather than the entire system.

Moisture analysis can also validate if a new roofing system was installed correctly.

Technology & Diagnostic Tools:
arrow Moisture analysis – infrared, nuclear and
electrical capacitance.
arrow Aerial infrared analysis.
arrow Asbestos core analysis.
arrow Roof membrane analysis.
arrow Wind up-lift testing.
arrow Roof asset management program.
arrow Roof survey and analysis.





Moisture in a roof system is the leading cause of
indoor air quality problems including:

  • Sick Building Syndrome
  • Mold



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