We Provide a Wide Scope of Roofing Services

RoofChek provides a complete array of roof consulting services ranging from the initial condition survey to comprehensive long range planning for maintenance, repair and replacement.

The following describes the range of services offered by RoofChek (click on any of the following for a detailed description of that service).


Thermal Scanning
Thermography roof surveys produce a complete picture of a roof surface.There are numerous reasons why temperature variations might occur on a roof.


Roofing System Audit
The Roof System Audit is designed to provide the client with a complete detailed condition of a roof, from an introduction, to budget planning, to a full detailed report.


Roof System Design
Proper design is a critical element in assuring the success of a roofing system. RoofChek consultants provide a broad range of expertise in practically every type of flat or steep roofing system commercially available.


Restraint & Fall Arrest Design
Safety in the workplace is an issue that can no long be ignored by building-owners and managers.




Project Budget
RoofChek will establish either maintenance or capital budgets depending on the specific situation.


Specifications & Drawings
The heart of a successful project is the specifications and drawings. RoofChek's tightly controlled specifications eliminate loopholes that could result in costly extras.


Project Management
RoofChek's Project Management option provides the property owner/ manager with full representation from beginning to end of the project.


Annual Maintenance Management
While other parts of the building are more visible, and thus tend to be maintained on a regular basis, the roofing system is often overlooked.


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