Roof Top and Building Envelope Safety

RoofChek's Fall Arrest and Fall Protection Program surveys and analyzes roof top safety.

RoofChek will inspect and analyze the current fall arrest and fall protection systems and evaluate the current safety compliance. RoofChek will make recommendations to upgrade the current system or design a new fall arrest and fall protection system to ensure proper compliance.

RoofChek – Serious About Safety

Clients are not expected to know all of the different factors involved with roof fall arrest systems. The goal is to ensure safety in the hands of a specialist who is familiar with stringent OSHA policies, as well as fall protection codes and regulations.

RoofChek offers the experience and expertise to comply with fall protection codes and regulations anywhere in North America. Let RoofChek assess the present conditions and recommend the appropriate course of action.



A regular safety analysis reduces liability and
insurance costs.




Comprehensive Fall Arrest & Fall
Protection Services:

Roof surveys
OSHA compliance surveys and certification
Annual fall protection equipment inspection
Engineering design of fall arrest protection for new and existing buildings
Onsite testing of anchorage systems
Proper detailing of the installation with the roofing system

Fall Protection Systems:
Safety and tie-back anchors
Davit systems
Outrigger beam systems
Monorail systems
Rigging sleeve systems
Horizontal trolley rail systems
Permanent powered platforms
Stabilization systems
Gantry systems

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