Spring Roof Inspections Deliver Big Returns

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Every season presents its own unique challenges, but none is more harsh on your buildings’ roofs than winter. While most people believe it’s the deep freeze periods that do the most damage, but it’s actually the freeze-thaw cycles that wreak the most havoc on your roofing. Given that the roof protects all of your building’s other assets, it’s crucial to assess the effects of winter on your roofing once spring arrives.

Winter, particularly near its beginning and end, can bring rapid temperature swings of [Click on title to continue reading...]

What to Expect from a Roof Audit

So you’ve decided to take a proactive approach to managing your roof assets. No more waiting to see water trickling in to give your roofs some much-needed attention. You’ve hired an independent roof consultant to manage your buildings’ roofs. Good move. Now what?

The first step will more than likely be to schedule a roof audit for all of your buildings’ roof assets. What does that mean? Today we’ll take a look at a step-by-step breakdown of the work involved in putting together [Click on title to continue reading...]

Is It Too Late for a Pre-Winter Roof Inspection?


The 2011 winter solstice is almost upon us. Winter officially arrives on December 22, marking the shortest day and longest night of the year. What does that mean for your roof assets?

Normally, we highly recommend that every commercial and industrial roof should be inspected prior to the onset of winter. Once the seasonal deep freeze sets in, it’s much more difficult for roofing professionals to get on roofs, to properly assess their condition, and to perform remedial work.

But what if you’ve been [Click on title to continue reading...]

Low Cost Roofing Solutions

It’s so easy for building owners and facilities managers to forget about roofing as an essential component of their overall business. For many, the out-of-sight-out-of-mind approach to roof management comes naturally. Understandably, not many owners or managers often walk their roofs. They’re often too busy working on other aspects of their business – until a problem occurs.

Unfortunately, roof management is often handled on a crisis management basis. Managers simply react to the latest problems as they come along. That way, they don’t incur expenses [Click on title to continue reading...]