What Is the Best Time to Perform an Infrared Roof Scan?


While most roof systems can benefit from an infrared roof scan, there are some types of roof systems for which they are not recommended. In addition, there are some guidelines your roofing professional should follow when scheduling an infrared roof scan.

When Are Infrared Roof Scans Usually Performed?

Here are the times of year and weather conditions that are optimal for performing a thermographic roof scan:

Between April and November At night, after a sunny [Click on title to continue reading...]

Why Would You Need an Infrared Roof Scan?



As discussed in our previous post, an infrared roof scan can identify areas of wet insulation on your roofs using a thermographic camera. Today, we’ll look at what it means when you find wet insulation on your roofs and why it’s important to find it early.

What Does Wet Insulation Mean?

Wet insulation indicates that the roof system has been compromised and is no longer performing its protective function. Roof leaks can take months or even years to manifest themselves internally. [Click on title to continue reading...]

What Is an Infrared Roof Scan?


An infrared roof scan (IR scan) can be an integral part of a comprehensive roof audit or seasonal roof inspection. You can think of an IR scan as an x-ray of your roof. In this case, however, we’re looking for compromised roof components rather than broken bones. Using an infrared or thermographic camera, an experienced roofing professional can look for areas of wet insulation on compatible roof systems (more on that in future articles).

How Does It Work?

On a warm sunny [Click on title to continue reading...]

Spring Roof Inspections Deliver Big Returns

Ponding water05

Every season presents its own unique challenges, but none is more harsh on your buildings’ roofs than winter. While most people believe it’s the deep freeze periods that do the most damage, but it’s actually the freeze-thaw cycles that wreak the most havoc on your roofing. Given that the roof protects all of your building’s other assets, it’s crucial to assess the effects of winter on your roofing once spring arrives.

Winter, particularly near its beginning and end, can bring rapid temperature swings of [Click on title to continue reading...]

Top 10 Reasons Roof Systems Fail

There are lots of reasons why a roof system might fail, requiring premature replacement. Of course, every roof system begins to age and deteriorate from the moment it’s installed. We’re not talking about failure of a system that’s simply come to the end of its useful life. We’re talking about the roof systems that fail (leak) before they make it to the end of their intended service life.

Top 10 Countdown

Here are the top 10 reasons why a roof system might fail before it’s [Click on title to continue reading...]