Pepsi Bottling Group

Bottling Plant Leakage

Size: 100,000 ft²
Roof: 4 ply type IV glass felt and SEBS modified asphalt

Challenge: Existing BUR was badly ponded and leaking.

The Pepsi Bottling Group enlisted RoofChek to investigate and solve the chronic leakage on an area of their New Brunswick bottling plant.

The RoofChek audit revealed that the roof area in question had actually been recovered in the past with an organic board and standard four ply built up membrane - in effect creating an area with two roofs.

It was apparent that the second roof had been applied over a wet substrate (the original roof), causing premature failure of the second roof.

Solution: A new insulated roof assembly with positive drainage and a high performance built up membrane.

The excess weight was also causing deflection of the steel deck creating a water ponding condition.

In assessing the conditions, RoofChek noted a large number of electrical conduits running under the steel deck, making the installation of a mechanically attached system impractical and dangerous.

A high performance built up system was selected which incorporated a vapour retarder, high efficiency thermal insulation and a four-ply type IV glass felt and SEBS modified asphalt built up membrane. Flashings were two-ply modified bituminous prefabricated sheets.

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