Darlington School - Morris Chapel

Chronic Leakage

Roof: Slate Shingles

Challenge: RoofChek was retained to conduct water testing on the steeple. By sealing the ridge detail against the steeple, and replacing the missing and broken shingles around the surface, RoofChek was able to find a leak in the steeple near the base on the east side. Due to the complexity of the metal work it was not possible to locate the exact source of the leak in the steeple assembly. RoofChek considered a number of possibilities for the cause of this leak. Among these possibilities was a past lighting strike that stressed the metal, expansion and contraction of the metal joints over the past 50 years creating a separation, and wind movement over its life time. RoofChek also concluded it could be a possibility that, like some of the other details on this roof system, it was not properly detailed when installed.

Solution: The steeple was removed, the base flashing was reconstructed and the steeple was reset. No further leakage was experienced.

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