RoofChek RX Preventative

Designed to Protect and Extend the Life of the Building Roof, Structure and Contents

Asset Management
RoofChek's Roof Asset Management System provides a budget forecast and prioritizes spending, tracks maintenance and repairs while managing the Roof Portfolio.



Preventative maintenance can more than double the
life of a roof.

Preventative maintenance increases the service life of a roof 30% to 100% according to:

  • The National Roofing Contractors
  • Association (NRCA)
  • American Institute of Plant Engineers (AIPE)

Roof Management model

Return on Investment
Roof Square Feet
Installed Price @ $10/sq. ft.
20 Year Roof
Years Added with Maintenance
ROI Maintenance
Depletion Rate /Year
Value of Added Roof Life
Maintenance Cost
ROMI Return on
Maintenance Investment

($50,000 per year)
$100,000 life
Divided by $100,000

Implementing Preventative Maintenance –
Never too early or too late.

Maintenance Evaluation:
1. Document Review - Review of warranty and its requirements.
2. Physical Inspection - Determine type of roof system and maintenance requirements.
3. Survey Report - Recommendations for annual maintenance.
4. Testing - Complete diagnostics for comprehensive evaluation.



Roof Maintenance
RoofChek's Maintenance Program is guaranteed to protect the roof investment. The Maintenance Review will add years to the life of the roof and will detect minor problems before damage is widespread, adding years to the roof life while significantly reducing cost. RoofChek's Maintenance Program also assists in budget planning.

RoofChek RX Preventative Maintenance Program:
Prevent costly emergency repairs and down time.

Annual/Bi-Annual Inspections – Thorough inspection to locate problems.

Housekeeping – Schedule removal of debris from roof, drains and gutters. Repair potential problems.

Budgets – Determine and manage costs to avoid unexpected expenditures.

Warranty Assistance – Implement warranty
maintenance requirements. Provide documentation of inspections and maintenance.



Almost every commercial roof warranty requires scheduled inspection and preventative maintenance.

Without proper maintenance your warranty may
be useless.


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