Providing Solutions for over 20 Years

In 1987, Cornerstone Construction Products was established as a company having the sole purpose of delivering high quality roofing products and solutions to the commercial-industrial specification and contractor community.

From the beginning Cornerstone has become well known for its extensive knowledge of roofing and attention to detail. With the advent of newer, more complex roofing systems and more and more pressure to provide expert assistance to specifiers, contractors and building owners, a decision was made in 1994 to form RoofChek; a company with the sole purpose of providing consulting and technical services to the commercial roofing industry. Today, RoofChek has extended its operations throughout North America and counts many Fortune 500 companies as satisfied clients.

RoofChek's professional relationship with major roof system manufacturers through Cornerstone provides our clients with a single source responsibility for roof assessment and management.

These associations equate to seamless cooperation between all parties involved in any given project, thereby allowing RoofChek to deliver to the client exactly what is designed and paid for.

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