We Provide a Wide Scope of Roofing Services

RoofChek provides an in-depth analysis of the roof, including inspections to determine service life and problem areas and condition analysis on existing roofs.

New roof design includes detailed specifications and projectmanagement including inspections and maintenance planning. RoofChek is unique in comparison to other roof consultants. We know of no other consulting project management company that provides a warranted solution.

RoofChek has the technical specialists, design, implementation and protection plans in place for the building owner.



The average life of a roof is decreasing.

Roof warranties are designed to protect the contractor and the manufacturer, not the building owner.

Many roofs are replaced prematurely due to improper investigation and diagnostics.

A roof consultant should be their client's advocate. They should look out for the best interest of the client and their investment. Commercial roofing is complex and costly. The majority of roofs fail prematurely because of improper design, material, labor and maintenance.

A professional roof consultant should extend the life and manage and lower the cost of existing roofs.

There are hundreds of types of roof systems with many design variables. There is no one solution that fits. Each roof needs to be custom designed for the building to ensure long-term performance and value.

RoofChek Services:
arrow Roof audit and analysis
arrow Roof diagnostics
arrow Roof repair management
arrow Roof replacement
arrow Document review and bidding services
arrow Project management
arrow Construction administration
arrow Quality control inspections
arrow Roof maintenance programs
arrow Warranty claims assistance




Direct Cost: Contractor's Labor
Improper Repairs
Interior Damage
Equipment/Plant Shut Down
Indirect Cost: Life Cycle Cost
Maintenance Employees
Health and Safety
Customer Inconvenience
Cost of Capital
Legal Costs
Structural Deterioration –
Walls, Decking, etc.




"We work for you. Not a manufacturer or a contractor. So, you can count on us to provide the information and services you need to minimize your roofing costs, manage your roofing project and take responsibility for the job from start to finish – and into the future."

Michel Levesque
President, RoofChek Inc.

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