Tramwell Crow Company

Condition and Future Serviceability

Size: 119,686 ft²
Roof: Built Up Asphalt Membrane

Challenge: RoofChek was called upon for the purpose of determining the condition and future serviceability of the roofing system on this property. RoofChek performed a visual inspection and the investigation revealed the insulation was comprised of 2" of gypsum or similar material over 1" of extruded polystyrene. The flashing materials were comprised mainly of modified bitumen and pitch pans with metal edging and coping.

The assembly was supported by a corrugated metal deck on metal open web joists. RoofChek concluded the roofing system on this building was in poor condition and believed to be beyond reasonable repair. Despite the general condition of this system, it appeared to be well designed overall, sheds water well, and did not allow water to pond in most areas. RoofChek did however report a few leaks within the facility.

RoofChek undertook a comprehensive study of the existing conditions and found the membrane appeared to have been unprotected and exposed to direct sunlight (ultra-violet rays) for extended periods of time. As a result it was very brittle overall and was estimated to have lost approximately 5 years of its normal life expectancy.

Solution: As a result of the investigation, RoofChek determined the roof system appeared to be in need of immediate replacement. RoofChek recommended a thermal scan be performed on this roof system to determine the extent of existing moisture. RoofChek also recommend the installation of a durable style of membrane to accommodate the type and frequency of roof access that is common with industrial use, and removal of all unnecessary roof top equipment and openings to limit potential weak spots in the new roof system.

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