Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan

Salt Domes Deterioration

Size: 50,000 ft²

Challenge: The Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan was experiencing rapid deterioration and frequent blowoff of the conventional asphalt shingles on the salt storage domes at their New Brunswick mine site. The large size of these domes made ongoing repairs of the shingles both expensive and a significant safety concern.

Existing asphalt shingles showed rapid deterioration and suffered frequent blowoff.

RoofChek was retained to assess the existing conditions and develop a reroofing strategy that would provide a low maintenance, long term solution while at the same time provide a minimum of interference with ongoing operations.

Solution: An engineered application of a proprietary mechanically attached modified membrane system provided a cost effective long term solution and eliminated blowoff problem.

After a thorough assessment of existing site conditions, RoofChek specified a proprietary single ply modified membrane system. The aesthetically pleasing elastomeric membrane provides a long term service life and is fully sealed to greatly reduce the risk of blowoff.

After careful engineering and detail design, the roofing work was carried out without the removal of the existing shingles resulting in substantial cost savings, minimum interference to ongoing operations, and substantially reducing the construction schedule.

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